Naomi. *Nose*


Oh my goodness! So Naomi is 17 months! 17 months! That’s almost 2 years old! It’s crazy when I’m out and about and someone ask how old Naomi is, I say, “1.” Then you have those moms who are like, “how many months?” Oh gosh! Dont I just dread that. I have to start counting back. And one day I heard myself say, 17 months. 17 months!!! Wow! My baby girl is 17 months! Where did the time go?  I feel like every week she’s bigger. Not so much in body size, little peanut, ***Even though she prouts out clothes in a month** but her personality is so full, so energetic, so soft, so sweet. Her little face has matured into a little person face. She’s always had lots of hair, but now it’s so full and curly, she’s use to getting her hair done. She doesn’t like to all the time, but she will impatiently sit there and get it done. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she doesn’t. But she won’t move, which makes me proud because she knows she has to get her hair done. I always have to give her a comb or brush to calm her nerves when she gets all antsy on me. Her favorite though is the spray bottle. It has water in it for her curls and she’s learned how to squeeze it so water sprays out. That too can turn into, “why do I give this to you” moment. She tends to go over board sometimes, well a lot of times. But it’s really okay.

Naomi loves to color too. I love when we do it together! I have my own coloring books too. Except I don’t try and eat my crayons. I asked Naomi does the red one taste like strawberrys?She said “no.” So im not sure what the big deal is then. *Hahaha* Just the other day she attempted to eat the green crayon, maybe she thought the green color was associated with peas, or maybe string beans. I’m not sure, I’ll get back with you on that.

Did I mention that Naomi is a dancing machine? Oh gosh! Please believe me when I say, she is a dancing machine! And she can get down with the get down too. Any beat, any song, at whatever time. Music honestly is a big distraction. She loves the beat. The bop. And she just moves. She can be dozing off for a nap and her music and all of a sudden she gets this boost of energy and hits you with the moves.  I love the part when she looks at me and smiles like, look at me mama. She just amazing.

She has a ton of words that I can’t quit understand yet, but we will get there too. She can say, Mama, Dada, hey, bye, dog, cup, and the number one clearly. Well cup can kind of be confusing. Comes off as car to me sometimes. She loves when I say, Naomi! How old are you? She says, “one” and then she’ll hold up her little finger proudly! I love it. I love her. Nose! *she points to her nose* Then’ll she’ll take her little finger and touch my nose. I could cry. My heart smiles. “Naomi! Where are your eyes baby?” **She takes her  right finger and her left  finger and closes her eyes and places her fingers over them.** Then’ll she’ll do the same exact thing to me. She’s so adorable. Are nose kisses are the best. It’s like are little thing. I hope we do it forever. We do them when we’re happy, frustrated, upset, sleepy, good morning time, and “night night” time. We lean in, bump foreheads, and run our noses back and fourth, back and forth. Then we always laugh. When Naomi is in one of her moods, mostly because shes sleepy and shes whining and fussy because of it, but doesn’t want to go to sleep in fear of missing out on something. But I’ll say, “Naomi, nose, nose. She’ll point to her nose and we lean in. That’s enough for me to get her focused so I can talk to her and she’s listening to understand me. In the morning I say, “Good morning beautiful! *Nose* Brush teeth, wash your face, lotion, time to read, and “night night” *Nose* Eskimo kisses. That’s something between us that means so much to me, and her. And then there’s kisses! Naomi loves kisses! She says, “Muuuuuaaaaaahhhhh”! She loves loves giving Dada kisses on the cheek! Then she wraps her little arms around your neck to give you a hug. She’s so lovable. We always cuddle up. She loves Saturday nights, its movie night. She has both her dad and me to cuddle with. She goes back and forth between us. It’s so cute. She’ll go hang out with Rob. Then’ll she make her way back to me. And that’ll continue until she eventually falls asleep! She’s been doing really good at bed time these last few weeks. I’m so proud of her. At 8 o’clock we do our nightly routine, and by 8:30 shes down but definitely not sleep. You may lay there until 9:30, maybe even 10:00. But you know it’s bed time. So hey, that’s all I can ask for. I mean, you’re only 1. I appreciate the fact that I can straighten up all the mess we made during the day without her crying for me. It’s officially quiet time. It’s the end of the day for Naomi at 8:30, and I so thankful she knows that. I honestly think she’s waiting for Rob to get home most nights though. Sometimes she can’t hold on and eventually drifts off to sleep. But most nights you fight it. You just rub your eyes and wait.  **Life of recruiting duty** Dada and Naomi chit chat for a few, play for a little minute, and then there ya go, she’s sleeping. *Sleepy tome* Nite nite! 

***********Sweet Peas Salon************

Naomi loves when I paint her tiny toes. I always get like three different colors and let her pick which color she wants. And then I’ll paint her nails. She sits there too! After I’m done though, she wants to get up of course, instead of sitting still and letting them dry. Sometimes when she falls asleep I may have to touch them up.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and pickles are your favorite so far. Naomi loves French fries, and loaded bake potatoes. Don’t give that girl chips and dip. Oh she dances through every bite. Then she has French onion breath. It’s so cute. There is not one veggie Naomi has tried that she doesn’t like. And you know me, the list is endless. Meats you’re kind of funny with. Some mornings you want turkey bacon two days in a row. Then you only want boiled eggs. You love love turkey burgers. Chicken every now and them. Steak makes you hum when you eat. You love pork chops like ya daddy. Peanut butter is your jam! She’s not big on sweets. I rarely give them to her so when I do, I assume she’s going to demolish it. She doesn’t. Not with ice cream though! But cookies and cakes she gets bored with really quick. Which is cool with me . She loves fruit. Grapes hands down are her favorite right now. We always split them. I don’t want her to choke, of course. So we share one grape. ***A little secret.*** Naomi and me lay in bed and watch “Sid the Science Kid” while eating grapes all snuggled up.

************The Best Part**************

Ya know, being a mother is a tough job. You never know what each day is going to be like. Tired is the norm. As long as I’m not sleepy we’re good. Because since the day I brought Naomi home she has kept me on my feet. But ya know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world! None of it. This is thee best, most rewarding job ever. You make me better baby. I’m so proud of you. You’re so beautiful, inside and out.

I love you. *Nose*