Then you will go on your way in safety, and your feet will not stumble. When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:22-24


The morning of the flight was so surreal! (Wow, today is the day! I haven’t been to America in 3 years 🤭) After all the planning, rearranging the antennary a few times, making sure this is this and that is that, we finally made it to the morning of!! My daughters 💞woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for all that is about to come. My Superman (My husband) had to tussle with all the luggage and then some due to my protruding belly and swollen feet. I thank Him every single day for him. (♥️🥹🙏🏽)

Can you believe that I traveled across the world 🌍 7 months pregnant?! Yeah Chile, you read that right, across the world!
So listen, flying has never really been my thang. But it is certainly my lifestyle. So Chile, I gots to do what I gots to do! Home is wherever my husband is, always. So when he moves, I move, just like that. So, whether it’s us vacationing, visiting home, or moving I pops my Dramamine (I have the worse motion sickness) and I follow behind my lead. Moving from coast to coast to across the world and all that in between, I’ve done it all. Shoot, I done did everything but fly the plane at this point. (I think I would be a cute pilot 👩🏽‍✈️ by the way, I’m Just Saying…)

Flying with United Airlines, 12 HOURS FROM TOKYO TO D.C 🤭

The flight was good! The flight was actually great! Due to the circumstances. A family of 4 and a baby on the way. It was smooth. Nothing missing and nothing broken. Let me just this real quick before I carry on. (Clears throat.) Trust God. In every single thing you do in this life. Whatever concerns you, tell Jesus! Small, big, this, that, and any and every single thang in between. I’m not talking to just be talking now. I’m so serious. Because I ain’t gonna even hold you. In the wee hours of the night. In those times when I had to pee and couldn’t fall back asleep, the devil tried it! 🚫 But every single time I would rebuke him. Because I KNOW the God I serve. he would have me tryna go down a rabbit hole called, ‘Everything that can go wrong on this journey.’ The mind is the battle ground. See the enemy be trying it. But I try harder and I serve a God who is going to complete the task! I asked God to bless me (us) and keep me (us) and sustain me (us) this entire trip! I was rebuking, binding, and casting all thangs that the devil meant for bad down to hell! And guess what?! HE ALWAYS COMES THROUGH! YOU DO WHAT YOU DO! (aye!) 🙌🏽🥹 God I thank You!! Thank You Jehovah Jireh for providing! Mmm!

Shout out to UNITED AIRLINES!! ✈️👏🏽 Chile! Them folks kept that bathroom clean!! 🧻🧽 And IYKYK! Mmmkay! With being pregnant and peeing every 30 minutes these days especially consuming the amount of water and ice that I do, Chile. I can’t stand no jacked up, janky, stanky, trifling bathroom! Now I ain’t sit my behind on nobodies toilet. But I was already practicing how to stand up and pee 48 hours before we boarded the plane! But United said, we ain’t one of them! I was very pleased to say the least. I walked the aisles about 6 or 7 times.🤰🏽Which was easy breezy. The plane was BIG so I didn’t have to be rubbing and brushing up against folks. I felt comfortable and not out of place. And quite a few strangers were willing to reach out a helping hand. I really appreciated that, sincerely. 😌


Now Chile, United is a 10/10 when it came to this world tour trip! Cleanliness and comfort. And the TV shows and movies selection was way on point! Brand new headphones, pillows, and blankets. Chile I was impressed! But the food, the food Chile, it was umm, a thang of its own! 🫣

Now dinner wasn’t too bad. It was teriyaki chicken, with white rice and sautéed peppers. We got served dinner about an hour after take off. The full snack seemed to be tasty, but I couldn’t eat that! I will feel you in on that later Chile. It was two mini cold cut sandwiches, 🥪 with chips and a KITKAT 🍫bar. Now, Chile! When breakfast was served I said, Nie what is that!!?? (In my Boosie voice.) 😳🫢 Chile let me tell you. I didn’t know the meat from the eggs! But ya know, not too much on United. Every meal came out pipping hot so hey, that’s better than American Airlines. Ugh. I ain’t wasting my time with the compare and contrast with them!



Chile let me tell you! I dozed off, woke up, back and hips on fire! 🔥 (Whew it’s a fire!!) I was probably was sleep for 20 minutes and I woke up like, OH NO!!! I had to get up and walk! I did have on my compression socks! My doctor made sure of that.(Big ups to you Aunt Gracie, I love you Chile! 🌺😘)

After that I was kind of like, ugh oh. I was starting to get more anxious to get off the plane. Chile I had 6 more hours to go before landing.
where the heck was I going! 🫤 Hubby rubbed my back and legs to ease the pain and bring a bit of comfort.

I started nodding back off a few times. That did help as far as the time. When I woke up I think it was like 4 hours left. I finished watching, Equalizer 3. I had dozed off on it.


Chile I’m in America! In all truth, it’s really a bittersweet feeling. I already miss, home. I will tell you this though. I was so ready to get off that plane. I think that’s the fastest I moved the entire trip! 😂

Chile, at this point, everything on my body was hurting. Baby boy 🩵was feeling extra heavy. And he did not like that landing! My stomach was doing all types of twists! 😂 Poor thang, I think he was pressing breaks from the inside.

👶🏽 + 😯 = 🫣

When we got off the plane I was kind of, umm, uneasy. Yeah, uneasy. Just for a second. Not long. But I could feel my body tense up. And my eyes were super glued to my girls and my husband.
Now, if you have never lived or spent a lengthy amount of time in another country. And I’ll speak for Okinawa, Japan because that’s where I live. You may not fully understand what I’m about to say. I was nervous, America is cruel. America is fast. Everyone is in a rush. The crime and the chaos is absurd and sad. As much as I missed family and friends. I did not for once miss the lack of peace of mind that’s living overseas has given me.
Okinawa is very peaceful and low key. Nobodies in a rush. Everything is chill and breezy. Okinawa, Japan is a vibe!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I keeps my head on a swivel. I don’t trust easy. I make sure all my I’s are dotted and my T’s are crossed. Because trouble is everywhere. However, in my opinion and I know most would agree if you have experienced Okinawa, Oki is no match when it comes to crime and the disrespect of the United States of America. And that’s, just that.

Well Chile, that’s it and that’s all for now. I just wanted to fill you in a bit. It’s definitely more to come with this journey! I’m excited. And I hope you’re looking forward to more. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. Tell a friend to tell a friend!

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