When He’s Away (Military Wife.)

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I must say! I am really enjoying this 12 Days of Christmas with you. So, today I want you to come along as I share 12 thangs I enjoy about being a military wife. Now there is no specific order to this okay! Just 12 thangs that I’ve learned to appreciate through the years. Some thangs may seem senseless and teeny tiny. But as I always say, simple pleasures are lifes treasures. And yes, less is definitely more in my everyday life these days! I’m always looking for the good and God in everything. Cause it ain’t always easy, but it’s life.

  1. Traveling! Traveling is definitely one of the perks for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, it can be a task when it comes to moving. But I take it all with a grain of grace. I love experiencing parts of the world. Especially with my husbae and our love bugs (Kiddos.) It’s not everyday where you can just pack up and hit a different state or country every few years.
  2. Independence. I’ve grown so much as a young woman, wife, and mother. I’m amazed at the individual I’ve become. Being far away from home, from all I know and who I know, gave me a lot of time alone. Time in which I needed but didn’t even realize until it was all I knew. Me spending hours by myself during the day, alone while my husband was at work I learned to embrace the quietness after being so used to a hectic life. I’ve had to learn a lot of things by myself for myself. And Chile I’ve become a more vigorous woman because of it in so many different aspects.
  3. Meeting friends that become family. (Frankly.) So far, I have met some of the most amazing people. I will forever be grateful for the people that God has placed in my life through the years of living this military wife life. My first pit stop was Cleveland, Ohio. I still keep in contact with my two closets friends there. We don’t miss a beat. They took me and my family in like it was nothing at all. I absolutely love them. (I really miss Ohio btw.) There will always be a special place in my heart for that place.
  4. Growth. Growth in my marriage. My husband and me are thick as two thieves during the Christmas holiday. Despite the ups and downs we always stay ten toes down for each other. Although God has blessed us with amazing friends throughout the years, we really rely on each other more than eva these days. After the aftermath of some storms I’m sooo proud of us. Like dang, we did that! If he’s rocking I’m rolling and visa versa. We have been through so much together in these past five years it’s unbelievable at times. We’ve made it through recruiting duty as newly weds with a newborn. We’ve traveled from the East coast to the West coast by car having new orders. Both kids going to the NICU, emergency travels home with my mother in law passing away, training opts, school, and then some! And some how with Gods grace we make it out and through it all, together. And that’s what’s important to me. To some we make it look easy. And it ain’t always Chile. I’m just thankful for it all. We out here sticking together like super glue.
  5. Experience. I love the fact that my babies can experience different parts of the world. My oldest daughter has been to more than 15 states already at the age of four. It amazes me how I can look at my life now and it reminds me of my own childhood. (My Daddy did 20 years in the Air Force.) My oldest daughter was born in Cleveland, Ohio and the baby (2 months) was born in Twentynine Palms, California. We have went from one extreme to the otha. One minute we’re living in a snow storm. The next we’re living in a sand storm. Ya just neva know.
  6. Classes. Every time I turn around it’s some sort of class going on somewhere on base. Whether it be educational. Something to fun that can turn into a future hobby. Or something to help you get through this lifestyle in itself. You can take a class that will educate you on becoming a entrepreneur. Or you can take a class that will teach you how to sew a pillow. Or maybe you just want to take a class that will teach you some military bilingual so everything doesn’t go over your head when your spouse is talking to you about work.
  7. Holiday festivities. Chile I be having a good ole time at these holiday functions. Base be lit literally. Especially around Christmas time. Halloween is pretty fun too. And we’ve come to enjoy Thanksgiving (Friendsgiving.) with our friends on base. It’s hard to just pack up and fly home every holiday. So the fact that we can make it special where we’ve made it home is pretty dope if I do say so myself.
  8. Marine Corps Ball. I enjoy the Ball. Mostly because I can dress up all sexy and spend time with my husband. My first actual ball I wasn’t my husbands wife or girlfriend. (Ha! Anotha story for anotha day Chile.)
  9. Labor and delivery! Oh Chile let me tell you, I loved my team. Not to mention I’m so thankful for the insurance. I ain’t about to sit here and lie to nobody Chile! But yes! I had to have a c-section and I was kind of skeptical because I’ve heard horror stories about on base hospitals. But I pray someone else is just as blessed as I was at such a special time in my life. (My first time pregnant we were living in the civilian world.)
  10. Wing night. Let me tell you about these wings that they have on Wednesdays at the Officers Club. Oh Chile, they the bomb.com for sure!
  11. The Children’s Library. Naomi (My oldest, 4 years old.) and me hit that thang up on a regular! I love how they have reading time four days a week for her age group. And they also have craft time for the kids. They do summer time programs for the kids that are super duper fun but also educational.
  12. SAHM. I really have learned to fully enjoy being a stay at home mommy. I can’t lie. When my husband and me first got married I was one foot in the door and one foot out. I was so used to working that I just had to get me a job at good ole Sally’s when I moved to Ohio. My husband wasn’t my number one fan when it came to that because Sunday’s were the only days I worked. But Sunday’s were also family time because he worked so much on recruiting duty. But just to make me happy, he just went with the flow. Now, Chile I’m content, happy, and I’m doing me, while at home with my cute wittle kiddos!

So yeah, that’s my life right now. Military wife life. And I promise you, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Despite missing my husband when he’s gone. Being away from my family and friends in Virginia. And the dang movers breaking something as they unload or load up the moving truck. I’ll take it all. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I hope you enjoyed this! And if you’re a military wife, heyy Chile!

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Happy holidays to You and Yours!


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